Who we are?

Nobili Essenze was born in 2006, based on many years of experience of continuous research and personal passion and on the study and use of essential oils by the arometerapist Roberto Nobili. Nobili Essenze directly imports endemic plants from countries producing essential oils and vegetable oils, to have the best quality and choice of aromatic raw materials.

Essential oils are chemotyped of certified food quality, 100% natural. In addition to essential oils, Nobili Essenze is constantly and carefully researching active ingredients, extracts, for the formulation of creams, serums, etc. (eco-certified plant origin), aimed at absolute aesthetic improvement, with evident significant results.

From this experience, we have created products for aesthetic / professional use, for those who want to use natural products and to offer customers the best treatments aimed at the most personal needs. All the products except the tonic and the make-up remover are contained in mironglass glass, with scientifically proven conservation characteristics, by filtering the ultraviolet rays that keep the active ingredients and the duration of the product unaltered.