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Cosmetic DNA Cream

Sodium deoxyribonucleic, DNA sodium salt, is one of the most functional substancesinnovative products placed on the international market. It represents the new frontierof genomics applied to cosmetics. The skin dermis captures the molecules ofDNA, then with a process of incorporation (pinocytosis), the molecules penetratein the skin by stimulating cell proliferation.This molecule, integratinginside the cell, accelerates the reconstruction of aged and damaged tissuesand guarantees profound action .

In vitro tests have shown that our skin cells recognize and use i"Sodium" DNA nucleotides such as nourishment for their regenerative functions of stimulusdefense mechanisms against environmental aggressions and restoration of conditionsoptimal physiological (homeostasis action).

The in vitro results, after 8 weeks, are clear and evident:

1. Hydration level + 5%.
2. Skin thickness + 9%.
3. Elasticity + 25%.
4. Maximum roughness -4%.

The product is in pure powder and lends itself to numerous preparations, in particular it is indicatedfor:

Face creams  anti-aging and anti-wrinkle .
➢Treatment of dry skin .
➢Treatment of damaged skin (i.e. stretch marks).

    The importance of the bottles

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    Why is"purple glass"so effective?

    What makes our bottle the best is theabsolute protection against the degrading effect of the sun's rays. All this is made possible by the glass that makes up the bottle that allows us todo not use preservatives, then keep the productentirely natural. The material, in fact, is able to leavepenetrate only those radiations useful for improving the content, and to safeguard its beneficial properties.